Rescue Ready Training

Train and manage your divers and staff to handle an emergency—with the right equipment.
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Rapid Extrication Board

A FREE online training for extrication of an unresponsive person from the water using the Rapid Extrication Board™. 
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Rescue Ready

We like to say that this program bridges the gap between the rescue and handing the patient off to EMS. This program trains the logistics of the rescue from extrication through who does what while providing care. 
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Xverse team

Xverse team gives your the ability to create your own trainings. If you are the owner of a dive operation, you know how much effort you have to put in to training new and current staff. Xverse team gives you the ability to create and administor job training to give you valuble time back to focus on growing your business.
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Rapid Extrication Board training

This FREE training prepares your team to extricate an unresponsive person from the water using the Rapid Extrication Board™. Delivered in our Xverse app.
What you will learn in the training;
How to attach a person to the board while in the water
Proper lifting techniques
How to use the many unique features of the Rapid Extrication Board
Spinal injury considerations
Resetting your board for the next event
Care and maintenance of the board
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Rescue Ready

Rescue Ready is delivered through our app, Xverse. This is our answer to the training gap in the professional dive world. It includes a comprehensive course and tools to handle emergencies from extrication to point of care.
Rapid Extriation Board course
Teaching your team to work together to provide care
Create a digital library of emergecny action plans for every different location you dive
Drill Timer, which creates compliance reports when you run drills for testing your emergency response plans
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  • Compare to traditional 6-foot long board

    Rapid Extrication Board™ Features

    Our proprietary Rapid Extrication Board™ is designed for the quickest extrication possible--even if you’re operating solo.

    Take a tour by clicking the arrows.
  • “Neutral” buoyancy

    Weighted to be “neutral” in the water, which is much easier to work with than traditional backboards, which are extremely buoyant.
  • Slide over rough or uneven surfaces

    Wheels on the base of the board make transportation easier. They’re housed in skis that smooth the lifting process out of the water.
  • Holes to prevent drag

    Vent holes reduce water drag, which allows effortless maneuvering of the board in the water
  • Hooks and grips or easier lifting

    Wide handles give you more room for more people to lend a hand, and hooks give you a leverage point
  • Clearly Marked Visual Cues

    Visual cues help rescuers quickly know how to place the victim on the board

Rapid Extrication Board™ Options

Extricate Ready includes your choice of Rapid Extrication Board™.
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Our original water rescue board, specially designed to pull an unresponsive diver from the water quickly.


Our newest option folds for easy storage where space is limited.

RescueX Training Stories:

meet Crystal santos

Registered Nurse and Aquarium Dive Team Member

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