Be confident in getting an unresponsive diver out of the water

When it comes to extricating an unresponsive person from the water, rescuers are often unprepared—leading to chaos, mistakes, and loss of valuable time when attempting to save a life.​

In traditional dive rescue courses, you don't learn victim extrication nor team work to provide care after extrication. Here at RescueX we developed the tool and the training to accomplish both.
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Keep the victim on the board to provied care. Then use the board to get the vicitm off of the boat and delivered to EMS. 

Training with a better tool for the job

Traditional spine boards are cumbersome for water rescue. They require multiple people to handle and extensive, continuous training to remain proficient for using during a water rescue. That’s why we designed the Rapid Extrication Board™. It's intuitive to use which makes training with it easier and faster. Also designed for the worst case scenario designed, to be used by just one person to extricate a victim.​
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Our Customers

Shedd Aquarium
Georgia Aquarium
Mote Marine Laboratory
“As an experienced firefighter/paramedic and dive safety officer, I was determined to create a better way to rescue unresponsive divers. The RescueX method was born of necessity and is fueled by my passion to always improve.”​
Brian Saxon,  Founder, Chief Training Officer, RescueX
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brian saxon

RescueX Training Stories:

meet Crystal santos

Registered Nurse and Aquarium Dive Team Member

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Rescue Ready

Coming fall 2021—a course and tools to handle emergencies from “diver down” to point of care​
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Coming early 2022—a platform to manage dive team training and certifications​

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