Up until now, extricating an unconscious person out of the water required energy-draining brute force that entailed either dragging the victim out of the water or dragging to the scene an unwieldy apparatus such as a Stokes basket or spine board to assist in the rescue.  Either of these techniques are effective if the rescuer is both trained to perform all of the required tasks and possess extraordinary strength to physically remove an unconscious victim out of the water.  It is unlikely most people in the industry would fit these qualifications. Lastly, an important question still remains – Does the apparatus fit through the entrance and egress of the exhibit for proper extrication? Many locations in an aquarium are very small and confining which precludes the use of the Stokes basket or spine board at the site which add unnecessary time to the victim’s rescue. 

The Rapid Extrication Board is the tool built to solve all of these problems. This product is engineered specifically for the purpose of extricating a body with minimal effort from a confined space, such as those which exists at most exhibit entrance and egresses.  In addition, the Rapid Extrication Board also provides the same ease of use and significant time savings over the traditional tools even when space is not an issue.