If you have completed a rescue course through a scuba agency recognized by the WRSTC then you are confident in surfacing an unconscious diver and then providing them CPR…….once you have figured out how to get them out of the water. 

With using the rapid extrication board, you now have a confident means of extracting a victim. Now you have to provide care to the victim while you wait for EMS. To be able to provide continuous care to this victim as soon as they are extricated a team of people, working independently from the extrication effort, need to be preparing to accept this victim. 

The Advanced Rescue Training Includes:

-Emergency Action planning

-In an aquarium, exhibit specific Rapid Extrication Board Training

-Point of care assembly and functions of group dynamic in providing care to victim

This training creates a standard and consistency that is carried through challenges such as turnover, promotions and any other changes a facility is exposed to.